Digging of holes by possums

Possum is probably one of the most unpleasant animals on earth. Their small, round and shiny eyes and their long nose is unattractive to many. They have a self-defence tactic to play dead and do not usually come out in the day because of their weak eyesight. These animals have long and very sharp claws which portray an image that they would dig holes and burrows underground to live, but that is not the reality.

The truth

Even though many similar animals to possums dig holes and burrows to live in them but the truth is that possums do not dig holes and burrows to live. They are not one of those animals. These are simply misconceptions and myths created by people. Possums can dig holes, but they do not live in those holes.

Where do possums live?

Well, if possums do not dig holes to live inside them, then where do they live? While a lot of similar animals like to live in holes, these animals are arboreal and like to live in trees. They are good climbers who prefer staying in trees rather than holes or burrows unless they are hiding from a predator. They usually live in moist and arid regions, as well as trees and open fields. Possums have been granted by more than 50 sharp teeth and long, strong claws which they use to hollow out trees and wood to live inside for the darkness and insulation.

Why do they dig?

Possums have strong long claws and teeth which supports in the easier digging of holes. Even though they do not live in holes and burrows, they do dig holes in the ground. The reason is that their natural skin and fur do not provide enough insulation that they deserve. Therefore they have to create holes and hollow out trees for temporary insulation, especially for the little possums. Other than that, due to their poor eyesight, they cannot stay out at daytime as they might be attacked by wild animals. For this reason, they prefer staying hidden at daylight and dig holes and hollow out trees to stay safe.

What they do with the holes

Even if possums do not dig to stay and live in holes, they do an incredible amount of digging. They don’t only dig holes to look for insects, pests, bugs and food to eat, but they dig to look for paths and take shorter routes. Their claws and teeth help them in finding food and looking for pathways, and their incredible memory helps them remember where their food was stored. Possums can burrow up to 4 feet deep and take several nights to convert it into nests.

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