Are there bones in rats?

Rats are mammals which are present in all the continents of the world except for Antarctica. Their ability to adapt to change, swim, fit in small places and live in filthy conditions make them conquer the gutters and streets. These long-tailed, medium-sized animals are cylindrically shaped which it makes easy for them to fit in small places and holes, making way to enter your houses and live for ages. The rat is so flexible and enters small places so smoothly that it makes us question whether the animal has bones in it or not.

Bones in rats

Just like any other vertebrate, rats also have bones. Although these bones are very soft and flexible, rats do contain bones. Rats have a similar bone structure to humans or some other vertebrate animals. These flexible and soft bones allow the rats to enter small areas. The bones in rats are just similar to any other animal’s or vertebrates.

Collapsible skeleton

Opposing to some myths, rats do not have a collapsible skeleton. Rats have a similar bone structure in which bones are connected with joints and cartilage, just like us. These myths come from the fact that rats can easily enter small areas, contract themselves and fit in tight places. This gives the impression that these animals might have collapsible skeletons by looking at their ability to fit in tight holes.

Fitting in small holes

Rats have the surprising ability to fit in really small holes and smoothly slide in. This characteristic of rats is not because of their soft bones, but this is because of the reason that rats are shaped into long, flexible, cylindrical, and small sized body dimensions. These are animals which spend most of their lives in the garbage, trash and inside gutters or sewerage. Rats can tell whether they would fit into a hole or not by using their whiskers. A rat would make this judgment quickly, by just poking its nose into a hole. It would dash through if it is large enough, and darting on to another one if necessary. The smallest a rat can go through is through a hole of quarters. Although this is not necessary for all sorts of rats. Some are bigger and not able to fit in while some are smaller in size which makes them able to fit in small holes.

Do rats get stuck?

Do you ever wonder if these flexible animals get stuck somewhere? The answer is yes, occasionally. If these animals try hard to fit in places where they should not belong, they might sometimes get stuck in the place. However, this isn’t the case for most holes!

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